Sunday, April 11, 2010

Health Monitors for Home Use by Patient Acquiring Bluetooth Technology

This is probably more than a budding trend. Health professionals, doctors and hospital authorities seem to be adopting the Bluetooth technology en masse for the purpse of remote monitoring of patients. To keep up with this new trend, manufacturers of meters and monitors for  home use by patients have started to enable their monitoring devices and machines with wireless Bluetooth technology. A N D Medical / LifeSource are now offering a blood pressure monitor with such wireless Bluetooth technology. Omron is also coming uo with an Omron Bluetooth blood pressure monitor. The Omron model is already on the market in Japan and will be available soon in the United States, if it is not already by the time these lines are written. Some makers of glucose meters and makers of blood coagulatition monitors are also working towards integrating the Bluetooth technology into their machines.

We have added a Bluetooth enabled BP monitor to our selection. For now, it is mentioned in the band at the bottom of the page for Monitors and Devices for Use by A Patient at Home. Because this technology promises to render remote monitoring of a patient's vital signs possible at a very low cost, we believe that in the near future most machines will have the wireless communications Bluetooth technology integretaed into them. We will follow this trend and will most likely add more and more of these Bluetooth enabled machines to our recommendations.