Monday, March 22, 2010

Selected Natural and Medical Dietary Supplements

When it comes to natural products and supplements, one has to realize that a lot of them (if not most) cannot be successful demonstrated to have any efficacy. We have made a selection of supplements that are either natural or of medical/pharmaceutical origin. We limited ourselves, in the natural products category, only to those that are proven to work.

The selection features:

- Niacin, to improve a person's cholesterol ratio.
- Plant sterols or phytosterols that are proven to help decrease the absorption of LDL cholesterol
- Psyllium husks, to help managing glucose peaks and cholesterol levels
- Fish oil, although the first epidemiological studies pointed to an ability to stabilize coronary plaque, there is a bit of a controversy on the subject of fish oil.
- Omega-3 supplements.

The above are the only natural products that are featured.

The selection was completed with non-natural but beneficial products:

- Ecotrin (low-dose coated ASA)
- Bayer's Health Advantage
- and Centrum

You can review the selection online

The present is for educational purposes. Natural products do not constitute or replace medication or treatment. Always consult with your physician before taking any natural products.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monitors, Meters and Testers for a patient's use at home

A selection of personal health monitors, meters and testers has been added to the hM Bookstore. This section has been renamed the hM HealthStore Online.

The selection includes some of the best monitors, suh as:

- for monitoring blood pressure: 3 of the best Omron models.
- for diabetics to monitor blood glucose, models from the Bayer Contour and OneTouch series.
- for measuring cholesterol, hdl and triglycerides at home: three models from Cardiocheck.

Browse through selection of personal monitors for a patient's home use

Note: we did not necessarily review the cheapest ones. We rather tried to select the best and most efficient ones. Some come with health management software.